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About Us

Core Values:

We believe INTEGRITY is the most valuable commodity to have; this is the foundation on which our core values will be established upon. We value building strong business REALATIONSHIPS over profits and ensuring that our employees and vendors always feel valued for the work they put in. COMMITMENT to our investors, tenants, vendors and the community is paramount in order to give everyone the best customer satisfaction required; we understand without our customers we would not have a business. RELIABILITY will be synonymous with the company name; ensuring we do what we say and say what we do.

Nathan Cross (Owner and Operator)
Nathan grew up in a military family traveling to many different places while his father served in the United States Air Force. The place where he called home was the beautiful coast of North Western Florida, Fort Walton Beach. After graduating high school, he decided to continue his education and his love of sports into College. After two years the restless desire for more and a cause greater than himself took control and that opened the door into joining the United States Army. A seasoned and experience leader with 20 Years of service in the United States Army, with 11 years being within the Special Operations Community. Nathan spent time abroad either on deployments or training with other countries’ military; always continuing to serve a higher calling than himself. While serving his county he continued to study and understand the different strategies of Real Estate Investing, which allowed for him to build this Company. He utilized the skills learned and honed while serving to give their clients the attention to detail to their projects that is vital in securing their financial goals. He has continued to strive for excellence in every aspect.

Shannon Cross (Co-Owner and Co-Founder)
Shannon grew up in the Saint Louis, Missouri area before she too decided to join the Military. Shannon served for three years being station in Alaska and Louisiana, before she completed her Army contract. She then perused and completed her degree in Business Management, all while raising a family and being a tough military spouse. Shannon is the design mastermind in all of the flip projects that have been undertaken by the Company. Her keen eye for design and her cost saving approaches has ensured maximum profits without giving up the look and feel of the rehabs being of high design quality. She will be heading the Design, Customer Relations Department, and selling of the companies flipped homes.